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The 1000m² Hivotech workshop was especially designed for the set-up of testing and supply. Hivotech 1500v DC Tester has been specially designed and built to suit the demands for testing of tram and railway power lines to “Prove Dead”. It is built to suit extension sticks for extra height. It has a digital readout of voltage and has a built in self-test available with LCD light display for safety check.

line testing sticks Hivotech manufacture and supply a wide market of equipment:

Sticks, all accessories include fittings
  • Telescopic Hot Stick
  • Measuring Sticks
  • Lamp changer telescopic sticks
  • Switch & disconnect sticks
  • Universal tie sticks
  • Cable handling & lifting sticks
  • Wire tongs & accessories
  • Spiral line sticks
  • Strain link sticks
  • Roller link sticks
  • Conductor tensioning tool
  • Fuse Sticks
  • Grip All
  • Phase stick
  • Large wire tong
  • Small wire tong
  • Pole mount conductor supports
  • Temporary dead end arm
  • Shotgun sticks
  • Sectional spliced shotgun sticks
  • Volt sticks
  • Insulated ratchet cable cutter sticks
  • Accessories for stick ends ranging from mirrors to hammer heads
overhead wire testers Gloves - Electrical Safety Gloves
  • 500 to 40,000 volts
Sleeves - Class 1 to 4
  • Rated 10,000 to 40,000 volts
  • All tested before leaving workshop
tram wire testers Other
  • Overhead air break switches hot stick operated
  • Line disconnect switches hot stick operated
  • Arc chute interrupter
  • Phase rotation testers
  • Portable earth testers
  • PPE kits
  • Safety harness
  • Clamps
  • L.V rescue kits
  • Temporary L.V cross arms
  • Liner for live line trucks
  • Tool bags
  • Tools (wide range)

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